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    This professional bug detector is the top selling bug detector only worth buying. Micronic promise you will not be�disappointed�with quality build and performance. We do not understand why people spend as little as �20 or �50 or even �100 on cheap plastic gimmicky detectors that don’t work.�If you want to find ALL types of bug devices this is�the tool to hunt them out. Micronic have 30 years�experience�and guarantee this�detector�is best value and works.�You can easily spend too much…. Some detectors can cost thousands and no better if used correctly.

    The sensitive panoramic (broadband)�1Mhz-6Ghz simultaneous RF receiver detects the weakest of signals. It is also capable of detecting a 12Ghz device at close range. It is very sensitve at 25mHz – 6gHz at long range of 10 metre and beyond.�Most bug devices are easily picked up within 10-15 feet and indicates signal strength�on LED bar graph display. It emits an audible alert tone that gets faster as signal�strength gets stronger. Some very weak RF signals devices need close range within 1-2 metres but and guaranteed to detect anything active. One thorough sweep all over the suspect area will be sufficient to insure no active bugging devices�are�operating in that area.

    Claims of 3Ghz, 6Ghz�&�8Ghz – what does this mean? Bugging devices available to the public are below 3Ghz – these are easily available to the commercial market. Bugging devices of a more serious nature i.e government / federal�are above 3Ghz and below�6Ghz. I have not known anything to be above these frequencies so there is no need for a detector�of above 6Ghz. Please note that although our detector is 6Ghz it is in fact capable of detecting up to 18Ghz by picking up on harmonics of the signal at close range’s of�2-3 metre’s (6 feet)�but�we can not legally advertise this claim. Be warned�of other detectors claiming frequency coverage of 8Ghz or more. In reality they are only 2.8Ghz detectors with a possible harmonic coverage of up to 8.4Ghz. Based on these claims�we should be advertising this as a 18Ghz detector.
    Detects listening devices, telephone bugs, hidden cameras, GPS trackers, GSM trackers, GSM bugs, FM bugs, UHF bugs, VHF bugs, microwave transmitters,�mobile phones, Wifi, wireless broadband, wideband, narrowband and anything else I have not thought of, basically it detects everything that could be used to spy on you.

    It excels at silently detecting RF signals for RF security and counter-surveillance applications as this detector can be switched�to vibrate�for covert use and has an�earphone for discreet audible alerts. You can hold it as normal or have it concealed in a pocket and still feel the vibrations when a signal is detected.

    The�sensitivity control allows you to adjust its receiver to any environment reducing any false alarms. This also helps you to locate and pinpoint exactly where the bugging devices or signal source is coming from.
    It�can operate for up to eight hours�on its fully charged NiCd batteries. They are charged�with the supplied mains charger, full recharge�takes�12 to 16 hours.

    Frequency Range: 1 MHz – 6 GHz
    Weight: 230g
    Size: 100 mm high x 68 mm wide x 31 mm deep
    Impedance: 50 Ohms (BNC socket)
    Case: Stamped aluminium with black anodized finish
    Battery: Internal 5 x AA 600 mAH NiCd pack
    Power: 9 VDC 300 mA

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