35”To 24 24 To 10-Led Lights Glow In Dark Hula Hoop


23.62"-60 cm
23.62"-60 cm
27.56"-70 cm
27.56"-70 cm
31.49"-80 cm
31.49"-80 cm

Name: New 24,18,14,10 lights Colorful lights Colorful 90CM,80CM,70CM,60CM light flash LED hula hoop fitness
Material: PE
LED Color: 7 Color Change
Power: 2X AA Batteries Powered (not included)
Diameter: 90cm/35.43”(appr.) ,80CM/31.49″,70cm/27.56″,60CM/23.62″

24 LED lights, 7 colors flash light.
Put in the batteries and it shows led light.
Convenient custody, easy to carry, especially for travelers.
High bounce PE pipe composition, can be bent into two loops when not in use.
Suitable for all ages of people to use, a great gift for lovers, relatives and friends.
When assembled: please insert the slider directly through the groove, such a step will snap up.

Extrusion acupuncture effect: Use Hula hoop movement, the abdomen and the waist like massage and acupuncture like extrusion.
Treatment of constipation: Often use the hula hoop, in the waist wound, can stimulate the intestinal, the effective elimination of constipation caused by pain, but also your health.
Reduction Fat: The hula hoop exercise to the waist massage and turn hula hoop when a large number of limb movement and effective combustion of body fat, the weight at the same time to fitness, fitness and weight loss.
Easy to keep: There is no fixed old hula hoop, easy assembly and disassembly, storage more convenient to carry.

Package included: 1 Pcs Light Hula Hoop (batteries not included)

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23.62"-60 cm, 27.56"-70 cm, 31.49"-80 cm, 35.43"-90cm

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